Ask a Machine: What are 5 Benefits of Machine Translation for Your Business?

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If you are reading this article online, then you must be familiar with Google Translate or another Machine Translation system. I was going to tell you about Machine Translation and its benefits myself. However, I let a machine do it for me. I asked AIWriter’s language generator to write an essay about Machine Translation benefits for businesses. 

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Machine translation (MT), a technology that uses computer software instead of humans to translate texts, is not the right translation for every scenario and has not yet reached the point where it can replace human translation. However, it can speed up translation and reduce translation costs. MT can go beyond its current capabilities, but for most companies, the best strategy is a combination of machine and human translation.

A smooth machine translation pipeline enables increased customer satisfaction and greater reach in the business world. Typically by integrating machine translation systems into a business environment, especially for international teams and customers, a start-up can:

  1. Ensure higher productivity
  2. Reduce cost
  3. Improve the efficiency of routine task
  4. Assure faster information exchange
  5. Identify the opportunity to develop sales, marketing and international communication processes

This transformative business model means simultaneously offering hard language translations, neural machine translation services, regional-specific SEO, content writing and translation services, without compromising human power.

C-3PO is a humanoid robot character in the Star Wars franchise who assists in etiquette customs and translation. He is fluent in over six million forms of communication.

International companies and companies looking to expand into new overseas markets recognize the value of translation. Organizations that want to scale up chats or recruit more staff can turn to neural machine translation to improve their agent capacity and improve customer experience. Customer service can serve as a starting point for implementing language solutions, and the sheer number of customers in different languages can have a positive impact on high-quality customer-focused translations and the organization’s growth and expansion into new markets.

For example, the low-cost multinational airline AirAsia uses machine translation to facilitate communication between its 22,000 employees of 16 different nationalities, many of whom do not speak English. Companies such as Textmaster, Gengo and Unbabel offer optimized software models that connect to client applications to access content and deliver translations, especially with a high level of data curation.

This article was written by AIWriter’s language generator. 

AI-Writer is an article generator that generates content from just a headline, using state-of-the-art AI writing models.

For this essay,  AIWriter was given this segment: “benefits of machine translation for start-ups”. The prompts were written and fed to the generator by the writer. 

Editing this text was not different from editing a human text. We cut lines and paragraphs and rearranged their order.

Belkiss Ben Farhat

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Last modified: 9 décembre 2021

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Ask a Machine: What are 5 Benefits of Machine Translation for Your Business?

  1. Saïd BOUARI dit :

    Impressionnant ! Je suis bluffé. Bravo à toi et à l’IA du coup !
    On peux dire que la fiction devient de plus en plus réalité.
    A une époque, il fallait être meilleur que des humains. De nos jours, nos sérieux concurrents sont des bouts de lignes ! A ton avis, que dois-je faire un humain pour éviter de devenir obsolète ?

    1. Belkiss Ben Farhat dit :

      Merci pour ce beau commentaire. Je pense que l’humain doit apprendre à collaborer avec la machine. Après tout, elle est là pour rendre nos tâches plus faciles. Elle s’occupera des tâches routinières, alors que nous aurons l’occasion d’être plus créatifs.

  2. Lamia Boussallâa dit :

    Un beau article 😍

    1. Belkiss Ben Farhat dit :

      Je suis contente qu’il vous ait plu 😃

  3. Houssam eddine dit :

    Des résultats très intéressants, impressionnant !

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