Innovation Time Lausanne- April Recap

This past month has been action-packed for Innovation Time Lausanne, so let’s take a little breather while we fill you in on what we’ve been up to!

The most noteworthy is the amount of changes that have been made: Innovation Time Lausanne has been spring cleaning, and with this sprung new ideas. Firstly, we’ve decided to expand on our role as a media and bring interviews with local entrepreneurs straight to the viewers with the launch of our brand new segment: IT’Live!

Behind the scenes from our very first IT’Live

This allowed us to have a more direct approach with our viewers, as we grew a desire for no disparity between us, Innovation Time Lausanne, and you, our loyal supporters. We started this process off by introducing our team, a long overdue action, in order for our followers to familiarise themselves with our association and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. Since, we’ve proudly released 5 more episodes of IT’Live with unique and inspiring entrepreneurs, and we urge and recommend you to discover more on our YouTube channel!

April has also allowed Innovation Time Lausanne to change our image: having our own set allowed us to have a warmer and more relaxed environment for our viewers to tune into, allowing us to mesh knowledge and comfort together. Having the opportunity to have our own set and manage everything ourselves has also allowed us to have greater freedom to satisfy our audience’s desires on a weekly basis (make sure to tune in every Wednesday at 7:47pm!).

Innovation Time Lausanne has taken into account our busier followers: our weekly podcasts are complemented with a descriptive article, allowing for a quicker insight and a brief summary of our interviews, which are more thorough and comprehensive. Moreover, highlights and quotes from these interviews are also available on our Instagram, linked below, allowing us to obtain a greater outreach in a shorter and more digestible form.


Finally, we’d like to thank you all for following Innovation Time Lausanne for another month, and we hope to see you all in May, where even more projects, interviews, articles and videos will be available to you on our social media platforms, all linked below.

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