With Goodwall, build your own success story ! 

Discover the story of the founders of Goodwall, the more than 1.5 million users social platform that invites students, young professionals, and changemakers to harmonize their interests by offering an almost instantaneous connection with today’s issues. 


The need for change in ourselves…

The idea for Goodwall began in front of the judges in the “​​Concours de la Meilleure idée (Project Idea Competition) held annually in Geneva, with the simple idea of a social network where young people could share their projects outside of school and showcase their achievements.

The brothers Taha and Omar Bawa created Goodwall as a way to highlight and reward users’ talents and help them grow while challenging themselves. Its purpose is to list the accomplishments of individuals (as CVs valuable to future employers), and publish quality content related to their interests (for example, to know how some people manage to change the world in their daily lives). 

From Swiss ingenuity to a well-crafted project that serves internationals, Goodwall helps individuals develop their potential and create a positive social impact with a community that shares the same interests. 


Goodwall’s main goal is to “leverage technology to impact society positively”


People develop their ability to show off their skills and realize their full potential. They can accentuate their individuality outside of their sphere and start building their first resume.  


… in our work and study habits…

Dubbed the new Linkedin for entrepreneurs, users take part in a community of people that resembles them, get involved in participatory projects, and create surveys or events that bring together changemakers in the field of innovation. 

Anyone can use this application. Goodwall connects students, schools…and organizations! It’s a good way to find internships or scholarships and prepare for your future career while in college as you connect instantly with individuals or companies all over the world. You can also get job opportunities, learn and train yourself to have impactful insight, be proud of your achievements and get your dream job.

New generations thrive in a collaborative but fair and inclusive work culture, where they can express their own individuality, maintain and control, above all, a healthy work-life balance. They are indeed more driven by entrepreneurship than older generations. On Goodwall, you can easily share ideas and tips to be prepared for your career even as a future entrepreneur. 


and also in our world!

More than ever, young generations want changes. Online media has given everyone the ability and power to share and express their opinions. Therefore, Goodwall has been changing the way of socializing since 2014 on its new-age interactive platform for Millennials and GenZ. 

They want to make a positive impact on their surroundings and on key social and political issues. In other words, they need meaningful change and prioritize what matters to them. Thus, Goodwall lets them be able to participate in motivational coaching and daily challenges to reinforce their commitmentLeading changemakers rethink and build tomorrow’s world on a platform to inspire about doing good, and nurture a strong network that will grow with them.


You can now also write your own success story in a community of common interests and be part of Goodwall! The many challenges and the contests you’ll face are a great way to get out of your comfort zone and show your value to your peers. The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is a famous event to remind us that just a simple idea can lead us far and reach so many of us. 






Jessica Afsal Fazal

logo Innovation Time Genève

Last modified: 2 novembre 2021

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