Blockchain Summit on November 22nd

Blockchain, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, while those words may ring a bell for some, they remain a complete mystery for many. How well are you informed about this new technology, hot fever of the 21st century?

The event is taking place in two weeks, in Zug. Get your free student pass

Blockchain is taking the world by storm and Crypto Valley is in the center of it all. The Blockchain Summit brings together the local blockchain community. The cream-of-the-crop in international blockchain startups as well as industry leaders in a first-of-its-kind event. The culmination of the Summit will be the presentation of the Top 10 teams from the Blockchain Competition 2017 and selection of the winner – who takes home the top prize of $100 000.



Innovation Time will be there to share with you everything that will be going on. Plus, if you’re a student and would like to attend, go to the following link and get your ticker using the code: “StudentPromo“.

See you there!


If this subject interests you, you can read our interview of Thiago Cesar, CEO of, who implanted a chip on his hand by himself in order to store all of his bitcoins.

Last modified: 31 août 2020

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